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Our clinic offers treatment and assistance to patients with a wide range of different dental problems. We treat a number of dental diseases.

What services
do we provide?

General dentistry

General dentistry
Prevention of tooth decay and the treatment of existing carious cavities
Prevention and oral hygiene

Prevention and oral hygiene
Acting against the build-up of dental plaque and the formation of bacterial biofilm
- varnishing teeth with fluoride
- application of remineralizing agents (strengthening the hardness and saturation of tooth hard tissues)
- treatment of xerostomia (dry mouth)
- testing and improving the quality parameters of the patient's saliva
- prevention of gum and periodontal diseases
- oncological prevention
Children dentistry

Children dentistry
Helping the bravest of patients. Whether milk or permanent - every tooth requires equal care!
- treatment of children under inhalation sedation with nitrous oxide (N2O)
- treatment under pharmacological sedation
- treatment of malocclusions
Tooth implants

Tooth implants
Permanent tooth root replacements. We recreate the functions of the natural tooth roots

Treatment of jaw defects or abnormalities at any age

Treatment of gum and periodontal diseases.
- treatment of diseases and lesions of the mucous membranes
- treatment of periodontitis (inflammation of gums and periodontal tissues)
- bacterial diagnostics/swabs, including PCR swabs (bacterial DNA profile)
- correction of pocket defects and gum course
- reconstruction of tissue attachment with the implant of biomaterials (GTR), stem cells and tissue and cell growth factors (L-PRF platelet factors, morphotic proteins, Regenfast and others)
- tooth splinting
- periodontal care for pregnant women
- treatment of gum hyperplasia

Tooth root canal treatment under a microscope - we are using only the most modern equipment
Tooth whitening

Tooth whitening
To make your smile shine even more.
- overlay whitening (night and day splints)
- whitening with a lamp and UV light
- laser whitening
- whitening of dead/discolored teeth
Dental Radiology Laboratory

Dental Radiology Laboratory
Safe imaging of dental lesions and problems.
- Panoramic photos
- Dental X-ray
- 3D computed tomography
Laser therapy

Laser therapy
Less pain and precise treatment
Dental surgery

Dental surgery
Surgical removal of teeth and lesions of the oral cavity and surrounding areas.
- tooth extractions
- wisdom teeth extractions
- extraction of impacted teeth
- extraction of tooth buds
- cutting the frenulums of the tongue and lips
- frenulumplasty
- lip plastic surgery
- removal of eczema and fibromas
- removal of salivary cysts
- removal of changes in the jaw bones (cysts, odontoma, etc.)
- tooth replantation
- resections of tooth root apices

Removal of tooth tartar using ultrasound

Treatment of changes in the temporomandibular joints.
The consequences of excessive teeth clenching, grinding, parafunctions (e.g. habitual biting of objects), excessive stress, may include degenerative changes in the temporomandibular joints, crackling, jumping, subluxation and dislocation of the jaw, dental overload, muscle pain, tension headaches, abrasions and tooth fractures.
- management and diagnosis of the types of bruxism (day bruxism, night bruxism)
- making rails; relaxing and corrective
- anti-stress therapy
- pharmacological blocks of temporomandibular joints
- habits correcting therapies

Treatment of missing teeth.
- veneers
- crown-root inserts (fiberglass, metal)
- reconstruction of fractures and damaged teeth, such as inlays and onlays
- prosthetic crowns and bridges
- removable dentures
- flexible dentures (Akron, Valplast)
- non-settling dentures: skeleton, telescopic
- claspless dentures
Dental cosmetics

Dental cosmetics
Improving the appearance and the beauty of teeth.
- porcelain and zirconium-based prosthetic veneers
- composite veneers
- bonding (rebuilding the shape and the color of teeth using flow injection)
- removal of white spots and discolorations of enamel using the ICON infiltration method
- improving the aesthetics of fillings
- sanding
- teeth whitening
Oral plastic surgery

Oral plastic surgery
Correction and improvement of existing defects.
- correction of skeletal bone defects
- shifting the so-called gummy smile
- bone and gum grafts
- covering gum recessions
- correction of gum hypertrophy
- gingival plastic surgery, reconstruction of gingival papillae
- elimination of pull syndrome


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Dental procedures

Prevention, diagnosis and selection of the appropriate treatment for the cavities and dental problems.


Tooth implants

Implants are the most modern and natural solutions for a missing tooth or teeth.


Orthodontics and periodontics

Treatment of malocclusion, maxillofacial defects and correction of dental abnormalities. Prevention and treatment of diseases of the oral mucosa and periodontium.


Hygienic procedures and prevention

Oral health, teeth cleaning, prevention of caries, gingivitis, periodontitis and other diseases.


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